Gain Customers. Raise Capital. Scale Your Startup. 

Dreamit Ventures is a fund and accelerator focused on startups with revenue or pilots that are ready to scale. 

Designed for Startups with Revenue or Pilots

Focus is on scaling, not getting started.

No Large Upfront Equity
We get the right to invest in your next round instead of writing you an upfront check at a low valuation. We only win if we invest and you scale.

No Relocation
You’re busy building your company. Stay where you are.

2-week Multi-city Customer Immersions
Meet with senior executives to dramatically reduce your
partnership and sales cycles.

2-week Multi-city Investor Roadshow
One-on-one meetings with interested investors in their offices. Close your round in less time.

Deep Domain Expertise and Critical Advice

Find success more quickly working with successfully exited entrepreneurs.

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